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The Trick Behind Making A Minimum Of $1,000 A Day, Simply By Sending Email.


Step 1: Who Is This For, Exactly?

Step 2: What Is Six Figure Email Funnel?

It's the core strategy behind making referral sales from email:

Step 3: There's 3 Things You Need To Become A Big Ticket Super Affiliate

#1: Product - You need a good product

#2: Offer - You need a way to sell your product

#3: Traffic - You need consistent access to quality traffic

Step 4: How Does It Work?

Main Workshop: The Email Fortune Formula

It's the key that unlocks the Paypal, Stripe and Authorize.net
payment notification flood gates!

Step 5: Why Is This Important To Me, Right Now?

The Biggest Mistake Folks Make Is Not Following Up!

Imagine, having $10,000 on a kitchen table.

It's there for the taking, but you can't touch it. You can see it, you know it's there, but you can't have any of it. Why? Because you're not leading your prospects (ie., your existing leads) to buy from you. Period.

If you're promoting any sort of product / system / service or opportunity.

Next, brings up the #1 question of all time...

What If I Don't Have An Email List?

Answer is that you start building one, today! In fact, I'll show you how you can start collecting new leads from my 2 favorite platforms: Instagram And Twitter!















------------------------UNDER CONSTRUCTION ----------------------------


Welcome to Six Figure Email Funnel:

In just a moment, I'll share how I'm going to help you add an extra $100K+ to your bottom line this year using this formula:

But first, lets you and I have a quick conversation about "convincing" people.

In short, I don't convince anyone.

I let systems do the majority of the 'heavy lifting' by automatically sifting + sorting the right prospects to me.

One of my favorite systems to leverage is an Email Funnel.

When done right, it puts you in the position of becoming the "Hunted" v/s being the "Hunter".

And yes, I know.

You've heard this same idea from just about every guru, expert, coach and wannabe internet marketing warlord out there.

From the big players to the Warrior Forum creampuffs.

But here's the brutal reality that you've been walking past.

You'll end up crying and sobbing when you realize how long you have left this "CASH COW" sitting on the shelf!

Oh...and if you hate email...


Everything I teach is applicable to Facebook groups, texts, messenger, video and any other medium that comes along... FOREVER.

Bold statement...right?

How many people can tell you they will teach you something you can use FOREVER.

I can.

No tricks, gimmicks or loop-holes that vanish over-night.

Just solid money collecting skills.

Here's what I had in mind to give to you today

3 power-packed workshops that will dramatically shorten the pathway to you creating more leads, sales & sign ups.

NO 17 hour classes NO 456 page workbooks
NO complicated techy stuff

Just exactly what you need to start making money leveraging email.

Workshop #1: List Building Frameworks

In this workshop, we'll pull back the curtain, as to how and where you can start collecting leads, that will become your list. Simple, easy to do marketing that will attract real people to you.

Now, in full transperancy, we use both paid (AND) free strategies, as one is not better than the other.

Workshop #2: Fortune Formula

This formula here can make you a lot of money

It's the key that unlocks the Paypal, Stripe and Authorize.net payment notification flood gates!

Workshop #3: The Next Step

Even if you decide to pass on Six Figure Email Funnel, go ahead and stuff this little gold nugget into your back pocket.

Inside of every sales funnel, the next step (IS) always the next step!

Those 8 words can mean the difference between having a $500 week and a $5,000 week, I kid you not!

So in Workshop #3, we're gonna pull back the curtain, as to what exactly what it means to be always focusing on the next step (AND) more importantly, how to start implementing it this week so your cashflow goes up, up and up.

So far, this sounds really, really good.

But what's the catch?

Well, would you believe, there is no catch?

Come on?

There's always a catch somewhere, somehow.

You're not gonna just hand over the keys to the kingdom for nothing.

Well, you're right about that.

This stuff isn't free, but it's definitely well within your reach, I assure you.

And if it's not, then shame on you for even being here, on this page.

Here's what I am referring too...

The minimum ticket price is $20.

This prevents us from being fully taken advantage of by trolls and freebie seekers.

But here's the twist...

You'll be able to customize your order during check-out.

Which means, the final price you pay, is the price you select.

Some folks have paid just the $20, which is fine.

Others have paid $30, $50, even $200 for this info, as this is the real genuine 'tips and tricks' to making the cash register sing.

But before you make any hasty decisions, let me show you something else.

How about if I push this offer into the realm of unbelievable, by adding not 1 but 5 of the juiciest fast action bonuses you've even been given.

And I'll reserve access for the next 11 ticket takers only.

Here Are (5) Fast Action Bonuses Included
For The Next 19 11 Ticket Takers


How To Whip Up A Selling Email In 10 Minutes Or Less.

Value: $100


Email Challenges + Trust Funnels = The Fastest Way To $100K

Value: $97


The Worst Mistake You Can Possibly Make When It Comes Too Emailing Your Leads.

Value: $97

Do this and its game over before you start!



Value: $1,000 (Minimum $250/Per Email)

Product: Selling Biz Opp Leads (Insider Advantage: You get a license to use this to make money from within the next 7 days!)

Alright, you got me.

I'm in.

I'm buying Six Figure Email Funnel from you, right now.

I've got nothing to lose.

I'm able to pick my own pricing, therefore I'm the one calling the shots here.

And regardless, price really is irrelevant, considering that I've already spent $1000s on courses and products that got me nowhere. So here I am. Take my money!


Yes, I Want Access To Six Figure Email Funnel

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We'll see (YOU) on the inside,
Six Figure Email Funnel Team

P.S.My apologies! I completely forgot about telling you about AMAZING BONUS #5!

So here's the dealio...

I'm gonna sweeten the offer, just a little bit more.

If you're one of the next (3) who order, you'll get an additional, life changing bonus.

AMAZING BONUS #5: You qualify for a 1:1 (15) Minute "No Pitch Coaching Session" with one of our Success Coaches via Live Chat. From the comfort of your home, corner coffee shop or the local park bench, you'll be able get specific answers and instructions that are relevant to you and your situation. (This will be a scheduled session, available on a 1st come, 1st served, basis).


Yes, I Want Access To Six Figure Email Funnel

*100% Secure Payment. All orders are passed through a secure network.*


P.S.S You're now entering the Frequently Asked Questions Zone.

Who is Six Figure Email Funnel best suited for?

Honestly, just about anyone who's running any sort of offer online, be it a biz opp, coaching, even ecommerce. By adding a good email funnel to the actual sales funnel itself, is a game changer.

I pay $97/mo for Ben Settles Email Players newsletter. How could I possibly learn anything more from you that I haven't already learned from him?

This is an excellent question! For starters, I too, am a huge Ben Settle fan and am customer of his newsletter.

Secondly, while Ben is great at what he does, you can learn from other people, who may offer you a different perspective on things.

Third, we offer a different twist on the email marketing game. While Ben is typically a (1) link in the email kind of guy, we often use an "Octopus Approach'.

Does Six Figure Email Funnel teach you how to write emails?

Yes! That's what Workshops 2 and 3 are about.

Is the content available immediately?

Depends on when you're ordering. The worksops will be taught live. If you purchase after the live workshops, then the recordings will be made available, from inside the Six Figure Email Funnel dashboard.

I don't have a list of my own, nor do I have a product to sell. So what can I do?

No List... No Product... No Problem! You can still benefit from Six Figure Email Funnel, as we'll help you resolve both of those problems.

Yes, I Want Access To Six Figure Email Funnel

*100% Secure Payment. All orders are passed through a secure network.*


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